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Tonehammer Soundiron Ambius Vol.1 Transmissions (KONTAKT DVDR)

Tonehammer Soundiron Ambius Vol.1 Transmissions (KONTAKT DVDR) | 1,8 Gb

In this first volume of our Ambius series, we focus on the dark, the cryptic, the unnatural and the subliminal, in the form of unearthly angelic bell tones and demonically corrupt signals filtering through the void. This massive collection of ambiences, drones, pads and evolving synth leads were each created by hand. Every sound you hear was hand-crafted using only organic field and instrument recordings. In fact, no synthesizers were used in the creation of this library at all. We used a variety of custom techniques to blend, warp, shape and layer the sounds, taking them from the realm of the known into that of the very unknown. The instruments you'll find in this collection range from simple, clean, tonal leads to compound, constantly moving sound-scapes and textures.
VasAlex XPE&7PE USB WIM Edition W20042012

VasAlex XPE&7PE USB WIM Edition W20042012 | 1,78 Gb

Bootable USB drive to work and restore the system. Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) is a lightweight ("lite") version of Windows XP, run from any media of sufficient capacity - including read-only. The system is designed to prepare the computer to install the full OS. With WinPE you can split your hard disk partitions and format them to gain access to the LAN and the existing sections, including having to NTFS, and try to restore the system and save the data.
Tartarus Audio Adventure The Orient (WAV)

Tartarus Audio Adventure The Orient (WAV) | 1,17 Gb

'Adventure: The Orient' by Tartarus Audio is a collection of five classical pieces sighting the beauty and emotion of 15th Century Asia, as well as popular scores from Grammy-Award winning composers Hans Zimmer, YoYo Ma, and John Williams.
Ueberschall Tech House (Elastik Soundbank)

Ueberschall Tech House (Elastik Soundbank) | 918 Mb

Pure Dancefloor Sound. Tech House Vol. 1 is the latest release by the sample company Ueberschall. This library is created in cooperation with Ron Paul from Timetools Studios where productions like Timo Maas, Martin Buttrich, Loco Dice and many more come from.